Boarding Requirements

Healthy Bird Exam

We require all boarders have a Healthy Bird Examination by an Avian Veterinarian within 12 months of their reservation.   This exam must certify your bird is healthy enough to board and is free of disease.  This requirement is for the protection of all of our clients and their birds.  Wing, nail, and beak trims are considered grooming appointments and do not qualify as an examination.  If you do not currently have an avian veterinarian we will be happy to refer you to one near you.

Download the Exam Confirmation Form to take to your Veterinarian.

Emergency Contact

Before clients leave their bird(s) with us, we require they provide the contact information of someone they trust to make decisions for their birds if we are unable to reach them.  While such occurrences rarely happen, in the event something were to happen to you during your bird’s stay, we want to make sure your bird is able to get back to its family.

Bird Necessities

While we provide your bird(s) with many necessities such as cages, cage paper, wood perches, bowls for food and water, and a fresh daily breakfast, there are still many items that clients should consider bringing so that their birds feel comfortable while staying with us.

Dry Food and Supplemental Fresh Food
Clients are responsible for making sure that their birds have enough dry food and any additional treats for the length of their bird’s stay.  If you happen to forget your bird’s dry food, our retail area has a variety of foods available.  Many clients bring their own fresh food items to supplement ours.  If your bird has favorite fresh food items, bring them and we can store them in our refrigerator.  Each household’s items are stored in individual containers to avoid any cross contamination.

Additional Cage Items
Clients should be sure to bring toys, favorite perches, cage covers, and other supplemental cage furniture.  The items we provide are a bare minimum for a bird’s comfort and we strongly encourage that clients bring enough items to keep their bird occupied while they stays with us.  If you happen to forget your bird’s toys, we do have a small retail area with a variety of toys.